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Six Steps to starting a successful youth rugby program

  1. Decide you want to do it and commit the time necessary to make it happen. Start now by contacting American Flag Rugby for a Start Up Kit. The kit includes documents such as applications, program descriptions, and laws of the game. The Start Up Kit also includes a video to help your new players get started.
  2. Decide when you want to run the program. Beginning in mid June and finishing the end of July works well because there are few competing sports in this time slot and fields are generally available.
  3. Secure a Field. Run practice during the evening twice a week and play games on Saturday mornings. Town recreation fields are generally available for the asking.
  4. Get some kids. Besides word of mouth, the best way to get kids is to send an application and program description home to each kid through the school system in April. This can generally be accomplished by having the copy approved by the board of education and then distributing the copies to the schools as they direct.
  5. Get some coaches and assistants. Rugby experience is not necessary because the American Flag Rugby game is essentially a game of tag where you run with a rugby ball in one direction and pass backwards when your flag is removed. Your coaches will be the usual parents who volunteer to coach any other sport and perhaps a few ruggers from the local club.
  6. Get organized and put together a game plan. Order flags, tee shirts, balls, cones, pinnies, a medical kit and other items you will need early. Have a meeting with parents and assistants. Put together your contact lists and communicate.
    Go, go, go!

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